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Hello everyone!

My name is Anna and I live around the Boston area. I am currently a sophomore at Oberlin College and am majoring in Politics and Religion. I always am so excited, but a tad nervous, before I go on trips and travel. I am so excited to meet all of you and see all the beautiful places the next few months take us.

On this trip, I am especially looking forward to examining US influence and relations within Latin America. I went to Bolivia with Dragons; we were in the country during a particularly influential presidential election that eventually led to the 2019 political crisis. The Bolivian government, as we see today, is partly shaped by the influence of the long-lasting and unforeseen consequences of American involvement within the Bolivian government and economy. This is a recurring theme throughout the history of Latin-American relations and American influence is felt deeply within the economies and governments throughout many modern South American countries. The Harvest of Empire interested me because it expanded upon American influence and relations throughout South America and revealed the often exploitative and meddlesome nature of these relationships.