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hi everyone!!

Hi everyone,

My name is Cecily, and I am from Simsbury, Connecticut. I am super excited to meet you all in a few weeks. The week-by-week itinerary has gotten me excited to fly to Phoenix right now!! I was planning on going to Skidmore this fall, but I decided to defer the year and take a gap year. I have three older sisters and they all said that this was not the year to start school as a freshman. Earlier this year I had also planned to do an international gap program, but, once again, plans change! Thank you covid! A family friend of ours did the program this fall and loved it, so I looked into it and loved the WTBD program and message and here I am!

I have always loved being outdoors and being active. I went on a backpacking trip in 8th grade through New England, but don’t expect too much — 8th grade was a long time ago. My sister lives in Colorado, so I have explored the city of Denver, but I’m really excited to explore more of the mountains!

A few other things about me… I like a variety of artists such as Quinn XCII, LÉON, and JP Cooper. During quarantine I have also found a stronger interest for working out and baking / cooking. I have a major caffeine addiction (really hoping there’s such a thing as a coffee maker for hiking). Some shows I love are Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy (a loyal fan), New Girl, and Quantico (but I could go on and on — oops). I’m accepting the fact that I’ll have to miss the spring premiers. Already planning a binge come June.

Can’t wait to meet you all! So excited!