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Hi I’m Jane

Hi! My name is Jane Singman and I’m 20 (turning 21 on the trip). I go to SUNY Purchase in New York, and I’m a sophomore psychology student. I love being outside, animals, music, writing, and taking every moment in.  I’ve been getting ready every day and as the days count down I am getting more excited by the minute. That being said,  I am also a little nervous. I have a few questions: how do you know when your boots are fully broken in? Also, how much time are we going to spend in/on the water?

Attached is a picture of me! I’m super excited to meet all of you and embark on this wonderful journey together.

Answers to your above questions from Dragons: 

1) Boots are always changing shape & fit over time, so there’s no single “broken in” point. What’s most important is that they start to feel comfortable and that you don’t have any hot spots, blisters, or discomfort when wearing them for hours at a time. Sometimes a very “broken in” old boot can still give blisters when not worn for a longtime, so it’s really about breaking in your foot to the shoe as much as the shoe to your foot. 

2) We only have 5 days currently planned on the river as a float, but there will be many other points when you’ll be camping near water and have the opportunity to take a dip.