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Hi I’m Matthew

Hi everyone. I’m Matthew. Originally from New York, I moved to England when I was six. I’m currently taking a gap semester from my sophomore year in college, where I’m studying Political Science and Anthropology. I haven’t done much hiking, but as I’ve grown up in a city and don’t know how to drive, I’ve always walked a lot — hoping that helps!

In my chapter of Harvest of Empire, titled “Speak Spanish, You’re in America: El Huracán over Language and Culture,” the negative attitude in the US toward Spanish bilingualism really shocked me. The chapter details judicial decisions that punished American citizens for speaking Spanish in certain instances, including a divorced mother speaking to her own child. Similarly, the chapter explores the truly unbelievable attempt by the US to eliminate the Spanish language in Puerto Rico. I hope to get into this more once we are on our trip.

Looking forward to meeting everyone in El Paso on Monday.