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Hi I’m Sally

Hi everyone! I’m Sally and I’m from Rumson, New Jersey. I’m taking a gap semester from my sophomore year at UPenn, where I study Philosophy, Politics, & Economics and Arabic & Islamic Studies. Outside of class, I love being outside, reading (currently A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara), and listening/playing music. I went on a Dragons trip in the summer of 2018 to Cambodia and it was an incredible experience, so I am beyond grateful and excited to have the opportunity to travel with all of you soon!

In Harvest of Empire, I was assigned to the chapter “Mexicans: Pioneers of a Different Type.” One pattern I noticed while reading this chapter is that US policy towards Mexican immigrants was shaped by what would be most advantageous to the US at the time. Specifically, the temporary importation of Mexican workers during World War II showed that the US exclusively used them as a means of gaining profit, disposing of them once they were no longer useful to the advancement of the empire. I’m sure that we will find this to be reflective of the US’s general perception of and attitude toward Latin Americans.

I’m looking forward to seeing this material come to life with you all in a week!