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Howdy from Albuquirky


I hope this finds you rested, warm, and excited about our future course together! My name is Atieno Ouma and I will be you instructor along with Jesse and Colleen. Before the pandemic hit I was working for Outward Bound in Mattapan, Massachusetts as a school specialist. I moved back east to be closer to my parents felt I had left a slice of my heart in the Southwest. There is just something irreplaceable about being able to see stars at close to zero pollution, not have to sit in traffic and the raw nature. So as soon as I found a position open in New Mexico, packed a duffle bag and caught a one way. I am grateful to call Albuquerque, New Mexico home and am eager to show you this great state.

When I moved to New Mexico, my eyes were opened to different social justice and immigration issues I had never been exposed to. My family and I emigrated from Kenya and I grew up in a fairly diverse place. To live so close to the boarder and immerse myself in the culture of the peoples of this land vs seeing their portrayal on television confused me. I wanted learn more than my education up to that part had taught me and continue to do so. Along with social justice, I began diving deeper into equity and conservation of native and public lands.

I can’t wait to share the night sky, story tell and traverse through the Southwest with you all.  Looking forward to also building a culture where it is safe to share our wants, thoughts and opinions on current events. Please pack light, bring an open mind and feel free to reach out if you have any questions before our trip!

Be well,


Email: [email protected]