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Hey everyone! I’m Tyler and I’m from Manhattan, New York. I’m taking the year off from Brown University where I would have been a sophomore now. I’ve spent the past months interning at a law firm and a food pantry, taking a philosophy class, and being in some college clubs online. But the whole time I’ve really been waiting for this trip!

This isn’t my first Dragons program; in summer 2017 I went with Dragons to Nepal which was amazing!

I’m excited to learn about immigration issues and the local culture. Plus, it’ll be great to go on treks after spending most of this year at home 🙂

One thing I learned from the documentary was that the Hoover administration initiated a program deporting around a million Mexican-Americans. What surprised me most was that as many as 60% of them were US citizens. It shows how anti-Mexican racism in the US has a long and deep history.

See you all soon!