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Peace n blessings dudes I’m Nina

Hey everyone. I’m excited for the day we all know each other so well that we look back on these written introductions and laugh.

Who else is freaking nervous for the hiking part of this trip? Get this: I did a dragons trip about 4 years ago. On day 3 of our hardest trek, I passed out for 30 minutes and then threw up. It was a beautiful way to offer my thanks to the stunning Peruvian landscapes of La Cordillera Blanca.

I’m bringing my guitar, camera, and paints. Let’s make stuff together! I’m studying journalism next year at Pomona College in LA. I should be a sophomore right now but I haven’t started yet; I took a gap year in Palestine and Israel before COVID, and then when the pandoodle ruined all of our lives I took a 2nd gap year back home. I hope I get a chance to brush up on my Spanish this trip! I also speak Hebrew and Arabic and have been doodling vocab words from all three languages on the inside of my tent because the grind never stops.

I am proudly rep the city of Philadelphia. I live here now but was raised in an orthodox Jewish suburb outside the city. I myself am not an orthodox Jew, I wear pants and use electricity on the weekends and actually enjoy doing so a lot. However I absolutely WILL be hosting a backcountry passover seder for all of us and it’s gonna be FUN! If you don’t feel like coming it’s chill, I’ll pray with a cactus or something.

I am truly so excited to meet all of you adventurous souls in just one week!