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Pre-Course Activity/Assignment

Hello travelers,

It’s great to start seeing some of you posting your introduction Yaks now, and hopefully very soon everyone will have some idea of everyone else in our group as more intros go up. In the weeks before coming to Arizona and starting our course orientation, your instructor team wanted to create an opportunity for everyone to share our excitement together and get inspired about this upcoming trip.

So we have a few simple things that we would like to ask of you in order to help us do that before you arrive at orientation:

1)  Find a small stone from somewhere near your home and pack it somewhere you can easily find it. Does not matter what it looks like, just make sure it is small (and has no significant value to you.) We will use it during course.

2) The second thing we want to ask of is for you to choose a couple of places from our itinerary and do an image search online for maps and photos of that place.  For example, you could search “Bear’s Ears National Monument Map,” Or “Bishop, California Photos,” Or “Colorado River Basin Maps.”

As you scroll through the image results, choose one that stands out to you, that catches your attention or interest, or maybe makes you wonder about something.  Then post a short Yak here that shares a link to that image, along with your thoughts. Nothing formal is needed in how you write your thoughts, and they can be as simple as a sentence or two asking questions or explaining your choice, or something longer that helps explain why you are excited about this Dragons’ course.

Hopefully this will help us understand a bit more about each other and what we are interested in, and also have us inspired and for our travel.

(You can name the Yak “Pre-Course Activity Post,” — or you can get more creative with it than that, haha.  One other request though: Please don’t upload the actual image; just paste the link in the post you write. That way we don’t run into any copyright issues with our Yak Board.  Thanks!)

Excited to hear from you all.


Bradford, Kate, and Minu

PS- If you want to dig in more to get thinking about and feeling course themes, we HIGHLY recommend many of the movies or books in your Course Preparation Manual, pages 22 – 26.