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New Trump Admin Plan for Bears Ears National Monument ‘Recklessly Weakens Protections’ – EcoWatch

This is a link to both the image that I found and the article that ran with it. I was first taken aback by how beautiful the picture was, of a river winding between canyons of beautiful red rock. Unfortunately, then I read the article and my joy at seeing such a beautiful place was ruined by reading about how the Trump administration moved to reduce Bears Ears by 85%. I then started reading more about this, and learned that he also reduced the Grand Staircase-Escalante by about half, all to give oil companies access to more land for exploitation. Then he claimed that he was “restoring the rights of the land to the citizens,” despite protests from Indigenous rights groups and environmental groups who literally live on the land that he is giving up for oil. So while I can’t wait to see Bears Ears and all its beauty for myself, I think it will feel bittersweet knowing that our last president caused the land and the people of that land a lot of harm.