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Epic Double Birthday Bash

Yesterday was probably one of the best birthdays I have experienced in my now 19 years of life.  Elle and I have birthdays one day apart. Mine is on the 17th and Elle’s is on the 18th, so we decided to have a joint birthday party. You may think that this would be a pretty normal affair but it was anything but normal. We made invitations at the beginning of the week and specified that the dress code would be “black tie with a twist”.  Our lovely instructors (being the wonderful leaders that they are) drove us to a near by Savers (which is similar to a Goodwill if people aren’t familiar). We probably looked very strange to the thrift store shoppers of El Paso as we tried on funky dresses, bolo ties, and Jacobs adventurous pair of jeggings. Luckily everyone was down with our idea to have a mixture of a unicorn princess themed children’s party and an awkward middle school dance. We went to the dollar store and got streamers in a variety of colors , a castle backdrop, and numerous unicorn wall decals. As the party approached, Elle and I decided that we wanted to commemorate our birthdays by cutting our hair on the 17th, and that is exactly what we did (with the help of Nat). On the night of the 17th we all got dressed up in the strange outfits we had gotten from the Savers. A few outfit highlights were: Jacob in  a Hawaiian T shirt and jeggings, Serena in her bear sunshirt and blue velvet dress, and Jack in a pair of jorts with a cowboy hat and a bolo tie.  We took a few pictures at the neighboring farm and proceeded to get on with the party. I can honestly say that I played the most suspenseful game of sardines that has every been played. Eli, Jacob and I were  searching for what seemed like forever in vain. (I was pretty sure that the rest of the group had gotten snatched by the Hacienda ghosts). We also danced to a pretty quiet speaker which was very enjoyable. The group surprised Elle and I with a unicorn cake and a cheesecake which we promptly spread across each others faces. The night drew to a close with a heartfelt round of karaoke in which Jacob blessed us with his lively rendition of “Gasolina” by Daddy Yankee. I felt truly celebrated and I know Elle did too. We are slowly forming a little family and I am so stoked for all of the adventures to come.