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Gettin’ spring-y with it

This past week, our group was lucky enough to travel along the Colorado River by canoe. Not only did we get absolutely SWOLE, we saw some pretty cool stuff along the way. Our days were filled with sun, hot springs, and delicious soups (thanks Phoebe and Aaron). But one moment has stuck with me.

By Day 4, we were all ready for some rest. A few of us, though, were ready for a little more adventure. We set out to paddle to Moonscape Canyon, a more locally known location for hot springs. Although we had a map, we really had no idea where we were going. It was an adventure after all! After about an hour of paddling we got to a beach and decided to explore. Usually when there is a hot spring up ahead, there’s warm water flowing to the beach. Since this beach didn’t have that, we were all a little skeptical. Regardless, we started walking. Eventually, we came across three little pools with lukewarm water. Disappointment started to take hold. These springs were no match for what we had seen the past 3 days! We could be sunbathing on the beach right now! Nonetheless, we journeyed on. And thank Hashem we did! Because no sooner than 10 minutes later, we came upon a captivating sight. A majestic spring with a gushing waterfall appeared before us as we rounded a corner. Gasps spread across the group. Smiles grew upon our faces as we threw off our packs and ran (carefully and wearing back-strapped water shoes) to the spring. We took turns letting the waterfall cascade over our heads, cleansing us of dirt and exhaustion.

I have a tradition with my dad where we take a mental picture of a moment for each season of the year. Sorry Dad, but I had to create my spring memory without you.

Special thanks to Phoebe for helping me bring this moment to life.