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Poems from Payahǖǖnadǖ

Hi Everybody. We are headed to the border right now, but I have a couple poems that I wrote while we were in Owens Valley. I hope you like them and the photos that I’m adding with them.



He knows not of what is right

From the seedlings of the stars, I have seen him grow

Expanding and spattering like ants on a hill

He knows not of his doings

A firefly no longer with its light

Lost in the dark of night

“It’s all in the plan.” he says

But knows not of my watching


Steady are my movements

Light my nudges

He seems of no notice

What more am I to do

Now is the time to see what he will choose.


How is water?

How is water?

Calm steam rising

A relaxed meandering river

Waves crashing against ocean rock

Falling through open hands into another’s bucket

Dried up reaching through cracked skin

Swept up in another’s dreams

Longing for what once was