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Saying Goodbye to Texas and Headed West

After a week on the farm here in Socorro, just outside of El Paso, the time has come to pack up the trailer and hit the road again. From the comfort of our beautiful 19th-century hacienda (courtesy of our hosts Ralph and Marty), this week gave us a chance to turn towards some of the more academic themes of our course. Besides helping out our hosts on the farm, we also got to chat with a number of folks in the El Paso area to learn more about US migration policy, history of the Chihuahan desert, and the impacts of the wall along our southern border.

Now it is time to get back to outdoor living! We’ll be spending the next 4 days camping in the desert and exploring public lands in Southern New Mexico. With support from our friends at Nuestra Tierra, we will spot wildlife in the borderlands of the New Mexican Bootheel and fish trout on the Gila River, the last free-flowing river in the American Southwest. We’ll be in touch again when we arrive in Tucson for the next segment of our journey.

Lots of photos and reflections sure to come!