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Somewhere Outside of El Paso

Hello from orientation!

This is Sally, Izzy, Caroline, and Laura, teaming up for group Yak. So far in orientation, we’ve had some watercolor time, great discussions, great homemade food, and heard beautiful life maps from instructor Maddie and fellow student Nicoline. The first two nights were a little colder than expected, but we bounced back last night with a balmy 45 degree evening. Collectively, our favorite part so far has been sitting by the campfire at night, drinking hot chocolate or apple cider, listening to music, and discussing recent Texas politics with a strong emphasis on the personal life of Ted Cr*z.

Yesterday, sitting by the fire, we noticed drones flying overhead across the US-Mexican border mere miles away from our campground. This was a first encounter seeing border patrol, and it was a very sobering experience that sparked an eye-opening conversation about the journey over the border. We look forward to exploring this more as we continue with the course.

We are excited to move onto the next phase at Big Bend State Park and are optimistic about the journey ahead and our quickly forming group dynamic.

Sending love home!


Sally, Izzy, Laura, and Caroline