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Things bout nature

Two weeks ago, we were able to hike around the Alabama Hills in California with Thomas and his group. While climbing on and around enormous boulders that look like they have no place on top of an open plateau, we managed to make our way to a boulder the size of a school bus covered in these intricate and beautiful petroglyphs. Later that evening, while reflecting on our time on the rocks, we came up with our favorite parts or places in nature. That is what I am here to write about today.

Ella loves the redwood forest. Being surrounded by the trees makes Ella feel safe and small.

Cecily likes that nature can be vastly diverse, even in the U.S there are vastly different environments in bordering states.

Anya likes that nature can challenge her.

Minu loves water and how he never considered where it come from; considering water to be an infinite source. Having come here, seeing massive dry lake beds and the incredulous water that  just L.A takes has made his make a 180 in thinking.

Sophia likes the ocean, how it can be both unpredictable and dangerous while being immensely beautiful at the same time.

Aaron loves weather, how it is always present; both calm and treacherous.

Bradford loves vast gigantic places and how they make him feel small in comparison.

Caroline loves feeling her heart beating and feeling out of breath from hiking a mountain. As well as the feeling of accomplishment with completing such feats.

Ava loves the hidden places and spots that are found all across nature.

Josh loves finding things in nature, such as when he found some rocks that looked like the rock pokemon Onyx.

Noah loves the hundreds of views that nature gives him, as well as being able to capture the views with his camera.

Phoebe likes the warmth of the sun

Kate likes wind. How you can’t see wind but can see and feel its effects. She loves how powerful wind can be.

Mitch loves places that are difficult to get too, but once you manage to get there, it’s well worth the challenge.

As for me, I found out that day that I love the duality of nature. The fact that it can be challenging, difficult and frustrating at times, but at other times relaxing, peaceful and beautiful.