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We’ve Arrived!

We’ve arrived! Today is day 4 and we are about to embark on a four hour car ride to our next adventure. The past days have been full of wind, cold, sun, cold, good food, interesting stories, and lots of learning.

We all met at the Phoenix airport on day 1, not really knowing to expect. After being greeted by Bradford, we made out way to the vans and started our journey to Arco Santi. Days 2-4 have been us orienting ourselves to each other, this trip, our tents, and our instructors. We have all agreed that it  is weird, and a little draining, to meet so many new people after a long quarantine. However, we are excited to become a “pod” and take photos where you can actually see our smiles. After our Covid test today, things are looking hopeful.

Here is a quick update on each of us individually (on our own words). Preston is chilling. Mitch is adjusting well to the outdoors. Caroline has yet to figure out what sunscreen is or how to use it. Noah has yet to take a good photo. Josh is slowly turning everyone vegan. Aaron is vibing with the group. Sophia and Anya are processing life with bandana showers ( a great ice breaker). Cecily and Ella have leveled up their shower game with a bucket. Phoebe is enjoying and appreciating her camp chair. And I, Ava, am writing this hoping to satisfy every parent worrying about their child.

We are all doing great and are excited about what is coming next. Until next time!