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Yak attack at da Laundry mat

Willow Nat and Elle here! Currently we are sitting outside of the laundry mat interlingual Texas. We just finished our first trek through big bend national park and we are in our layover day between the backpacking and our upcoming river trip. We’ve been sitting here talking for about an hour and we have all agreed that it’s crazy that we met only a week ago. The bonds that have formed in only the short amount of time is something truly magical. The three of us have extensively discussed feeling much more in touch with ourselves in just a short time with the exploring the south west. From the jagged mountain peaks to the sandy shores of the Rio Grande, the landscape here has baffled us native East Coast residents. Low-key we also are just out here straight vibing waiting for our main man Jesse. We have met a diverse pool of Texans some fulfilling the stereotypes and some surprising us with their beautiful traditions, food, and amazing hospitality. Terlingua is a beautiful town that is full of art and pizzazz. It has been a wonderful place to come back to. Our trek taught us a lot about how strong we were as individuals and as a group. Our instructors are wonderful people who have inspired us to embrace our true voices and the power that we all hold. Atieno’s dance moves and witty comebacks help us become more comfortable around each other and form a tighter community. Colleens positive attitude keeps us going despite knowing we still have much further to hike, and Jesse’s knowledge of the land, astrology, and obscure music keeps us efficient and entertained. It’s been wild thus far. #DoItForKaren