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BRN Picture Yak!

We spent a little over a week working with Borderlands Restoration Network, or BRN, a non-profit organization located in Patagonia, Arizona. The goal of BRN is to foster a restorative economy in the area through wildlife restoration, creating relationships across the border, and sustainable farming. Over the course of our time there, we had a diverse range of experiences and met with several contacts to learn more about the area. We learned a lot, and we also got our hands dirty by getting involved with some farming.

Picture 1: Guch, a lifetime rancher, activist, and contact of BRN, took our group to parts of the border wall and explained many of the political issues surrounding the area.

Picture 2: Anya harvesting vegetables at Deep Dirt Farm. We took vegetables back to our site and made a delicious dinner with them.

Picture 3: Our group holding a full sized, dead agave plant above our heads.

Picture 4: Our view from our place at BRN.

Picture 5: Caleb, a contact from BRN, gave our group a wildlife tour of the unique surrounding area.

Picture 6: Our group weeding at the community garden in Patagonia, Arizona.


PC: 1, 4, 5, 6: Noah Whitaker

PC: 2, 3: Kate Abraham