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Dear CRBS (Colorado River Basin Semester) you seem cool lets be friends!

Dear CRBS,

You guys seem super chill. We have recently been living parallel lives. We just finished up the Grand Canyon with our man mans Jed and he told us a lot about you guys. We also just spent time with Thomas Joseph from the Hoopa  tribe in Cali and he read us Noahs beautiful poem. We also like poems. We met two of your instructors and just missed you at the boarderlands restoration network. For real tho where was Minu at? But anyways, lets be Yak pen pals. Meet us in Bears Ears and we can have a poetry night/jam sesh.  Tell us a little bit about yourselves. We are a chaotic group of mostly east coasters (except Jacob, Charlie, and Nate), We love applebee’s, We love goldfish and we enjoy creating chaos. Do any of you enjoy the band Peach Pit? Have you listened to the song detonate by Charli XCX? tell us some of the songs y’all bop to in the van. Our van is called Birtha with an I because she is load bearing. get it? haha.

Much love,

Rio Grande Group B (or the Wildcats for short)