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Disfunctional Southwest Family finds a mansion in Page AZ

Note: My Yak isn’t about the Grand Canyon, but I’m adding a photo from Atieno’s 29th birthday party because if I do say so myself, the event was lit lit.

Entering a three floor, sixteen bed Airbnb complete with a ping pong table and beautiful kitchen for the first time after camping outside for 40 days, was thrilling to say the least. Our group has grown to find a hot shower and mattress to sleep on as the greater luxuries in the world. We made our first group Walmart run on Friday and raided the store’s supply of fruit snacks, underwear, deodorant, and razors. An evident example of our group dynamic would be the events and activities of last night. Let me set the scene; the evening sets off with my cook crews presentation of feta cheese/cherry tomato/basil pasta (aka tik tok pasta) and my moms well loved bok choy salad for dinner. We eat dispersed throughout the house. Jack, Jacob, and Willow are rapidly changing songs on Spotify to find the perfect regatone to blast and jam to. Eli is making rounds attempting to “lightly” peer pressure the group to watch The Conjuring 2 with him later on, and is being turned down by Josephine and Serena reading on the couch. As Celie and my chocolate chip cookies plate steadily diminished, the vast majority of the group settled in to be scared shitless in the basement watching nuns and crazy old men haunt an old mansion. Charlie, Josephine, Serena, Willow, Jesse, Colleen and myself on the other hand, decided to play an intense three hour game of settlers of catan with ridiculously competitive teams. The biggest losers (ahem Jesse and Serena) ended up focusing more on guitar renditions of “we are losing” and creating tinfoil animals and crowns for their opponents. Charlie and I rocked the game until Willow and Colleen unfortunately stole our longest road card and eventually won the game through the sheer force of the rest of us giving up knowing we were going to lose and needing to fall asleep. Anyways, we end mid course and go back to our nomadic lifestyle tomorrow. I’m psyched for our trek coming up and can’t wait for what’s to come in the second half our our semester.