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Intentional Agriculture at Deep Dirt Institute

Greetings from Catalina State Park! Being surrounded by the beautiful mountains, mesquites and saguaros has given me a chance to reflect upon all that we’ve learned over the past week in Tucson. Our schedule has been packed with tons of passionate speakers and fun activities, including an 8 mile hike on our “off day.” Yesterday we visited Deep Dirt, a permaculture farm in Patagonia AZ. The folks at Deep Dirt have worked to create a small sustainable oasis out of what most would consider trash. They work with the land, instead of against it, carefully designing the farm around how the land naturally works, mostly from reused materials. Their creative resourcefulness included, using inverted satellite dishes as roofs, turning bathtubs into flower beds, and using old shipping containers as storage. Their intensional use of land and resources made me and the group as a whole question our own consumption of food and resources. In an attempt to become more intentional about our carbon footprint we had a conversation about some small changes we can implement on the road; Which is somewhat ironic because the nature of traveling is not super sustainable. Although we created a list of “green rules” this morning, giving us some goals to work towards throughout the trip. Reducing food waste and single use plastics being the easiest to implement quickly. I’m hopeful that with some small changes we can become more conscious of what we are consuming and actually practice what we preach.

I’m incredibly grateful for all the different perspectives we’ve heard over the past month. It has taught me so much and I know we’ve only scratched the surface of most of these subjects. So excited for all of our next adventures ahead!