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Thoughts from this big rock

Sitting here on this big rock, I think of all that comes before and all that comes after. Seeing ruins dated back to 1500 BC will do that to you. I think of the communities that shaped the spirit of this canyon. I think of the tiny ways that we just changed that shape. I think of us. The 8 of us. How people can grow so much in so few days. I think of the rest of our time together. The 15 of us. What we’ll accomplish. What we’ll laugh at, or cry at. What we’ll share by May 10th.

I sit on this rock and think of the up, up, up that we just climbed. How Noah cheered us on and Preston pulled out the sour patch kids. How Anya put on a positive attitude despite her drained energy. How Ella sang us up every hill. How Minu scouted the way and how Bradford walked patiently behind me in the back. I think of all the things I can learn from these people that I met by coincidence.

I sit and feel lucky to be on this rock. Feel privileged to be exploring in the midst of a pandemic. Feel deep, deep gratitude for my peers and teachers that allow me to learn on a daily basis. Feel challenged. Feel lovely. Feel silly. Feel small. Feel sad. Feel accepted. Feel huge. Feel weird. Feel sleepy. Feel excited.

I sit, and I think, and I feel.