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We have officially completed our seven day trek and enjoyed our two days off before rafting the San Juan River. For the trek, we split off into two groups of eight, six students and two instructors, each starting at different locations. We had a dragons administrator named Dave join us as a fourth instructor. I got to know him very well since he was in my trek group and we quickly became comfortable around him, laughing and joking around. We hiked thirty miles in total in the canyons of south-east Utah. Specifically, one group hiked from Kane Gulch to Bullet Canyon while the other group started at Bullet Canyon and finished at Kane Gulch. During the trek, we crossed paths with the other half of our group, and were able to say hello and share a few funny moments. Bodies are sore and everyone is tired but we are also celebrating and reminiscing all the good times and challenges we overcame while backpacking.