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River Photos!

Life is like a river. It just keeps on flowing, and all we can really do is roll with the rapids.
Speaking of rivers, about a week ago, we were fortunate enough to spend 4 splendid days on
the San Juan River, paddling our hearts away from our put-in at Sand Island and headed full
steam ahead towards our takeout at Mexican Hat, a lengthy twenty-five miles away. Blessed by
the joyful, dedicated, and knowledgeable energies of Michael, Danny, and Jessi, from Deer Hill
Expeditions, we were guided and instructed on how to paddle on a combination of three large
rafts and three two-person “duckys” (inflatable kayaks). Living on the river and camping on the
shores, even for just a mere few days, graced us with a deeper and, some might even say, an
intimate connection with the natural beauty and simultaneously powerful and peaceful ways of
the river. Each and every one of us came away from this journey with a lesson of some kind
under our belts. Some of us conquered class 2 rapids on a kayak for the very first time, others
learned how to paddle on large 8-person rafts, and the vast majority of us experienced the
exhilarating process of pushing, pulling, and paddling our wedged rafts out of the rock gardens
after getting stuck. Here are a few photos from our glorious journey 🙂