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Greetings from your Instructor

Na ngeen def?

My name is Babacar and I am a member of the Senegal instructor team this summer. Welcome to your Yak board! This is a place to post letters of introduction and questions— we invite you all to post a quick intro about yourself. As your instructors, our commitment is to offer a unique and authentic experience this summer. We want interests and expectations to be the focus of this program. Take advantage of this Yak Board to share those.

A little bit about me… my past students used to joke about a sentence I told them early and repeatedly; “I am a teacher by my trade”. As I am about to resume full time work, after this year-and-a-half covid break, I stopped to think about the true meaning of teaching.

Teaching is foremost about learning and when you are good at your job. In some ways, you die in your classroom to resuscitate as a learner. You open windows to encourage and inspire to look outward so you all can see inward. Empowering people is your life passion so you assist discovery and revelation. You understand (you tried hard at least), you suggest, you turn the switch on because you are a believer. You trust the human in us, you are at their service. You depend on them as they depend on you.

I am a teacher by my trade, like my father and grandfather. I am the father of five (two boys and three girls) and the oldest is learning the trade. I live in Yoff (a suburb of bustling Dakar) where my family have been living for generations. I have siblings all over the place because I am a Mbaye and Senegalese. Teranga is our national pride, it gives friends, family, food and lodging for free.

Do not just use the Yak board for posting about yourself– come back to it regularly to read about other people, their questions and answers from the instructor team.

Hoping to read from you all soon

Jámm ak jámm

Many thanks,