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Peru 4B group, summer 2019

Latin America News Resources

Despite being home to nearly 10% of the world’s population, Latin America doesn’t often make the headlines in the US or Western Europe. Or when it does enter our news stream it’s almost always all about one topic, immigration. While we will address the important topic of immigration on this course, know that it will be just one small part of a far more holistic glimpse into South American life.

In order to help you enter into this upcoming educational adventure with a solid foundation of Latin American current affairs we have compiled a few news sources that focus on Latin America and the Caribbean. We have also included many Spanish language news sites. Where a news site originates from matters. There is a big difference between a US based news agency reporting on Peru versus a Peruvian agency reporting on its own internal affairs. Both come with their pros and cons, both have their biases. Use these sites to practice your Spanish and learn what news everyday people in Peru follow (plus most of these sites can easily be translated to English).

We’ve also included a list of some podcasts relating to Latin America. Download them and listen to them on your drive to work or while you’re out breaking in your boots in preparation for our upcoming treks!

General Latin America News Sources (esp) (Latin American Herald Tribune, eng) (Chile focused English news paper with many Latin America articles) El Pais (eng/esp) BBC Latin America news (eng/esp)

Peruvian News (spanish) (english and spanish) (spanish and english) (eng) (esp)

Latin America Podcasts

NPR: Latino USA (eng)

Latin America in Focus (eng)

Understanding Latin American Politics (eng)

Latin American Intersections (eng)

NPR: Radio Ambulante (esp and eng)

NPR: El Hilo (esp)

La encerrona (esp)

La bitácora de Curwen (esp)


Do you have a favorite Latin America news source or podcast that didn’t make the list? Let us know. All of us, including your instructors and our local guides/teachers/homestay families/etc, hope to use this summer together to grow and learn as much as possible!

-Zack, Itza & Paola