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Thank You Groundwork!

Hello Everyone, 

My name is Dave Haffeman and I am one of the administrators at Where There Be Dragons working to support the spring semesters. As the group continues to travel farther North and closer to my home in the mountains of Colorado I’ve had the fortune to interact with the students, instructors, and guest speakers. This past week the group has been in Paonia, Colorado at a small farm run by some of our closest friends. I want to share some photos with you I took from my visit this past Thursday and Friday. 

Groundwork is one of many small organic farms in the North Fork Valley dedicated to growing nutritious produce and contributing to the close knit community network of food sharing. Students were able to take part in seed harvesting, spring planting, fermenting kimchi and kombucha, bread making, and cooking incredible farm to table meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Keshet, Kevin, and Jeff of Groundwork were enthusiastic to share their knowledge of food systems, healthy living, and the importance of collecting and sharing diverse seed varieties.