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Dearest students and families,

It’s your instructors signing into the yak board one last time. By now, all of you are together and readjusting to your new and simultaneously familiar lives at home. This is a huge (sometimes sarce) transition for all of us, instructors and parents included. As you probably have already experienced, it can be difficult to put the learning of the past 70 days into words. To help with this, your instructors have made an interactive map to chart our travels. Check it out!

We have walked along the southern border, trekked through canyons, appreciated sacred indigenous sites, and shared a campfire with many guests from all walks of life. All of this without mentioning the special bond that formed between our hodgepodge group of 14 (once) strangers in the El Paso airport.

What we really mean to say is that it’s a lot. It’s a lot to process. A lot of emotions to sort through, relationships to maintain, and people to share it all with.

Be patient! Summarizing the impact and learning from this trip does not happen all at once. As we transfer home, we will continue processing this experience long after it has officially concluded.

Families, thank you. Thank you for being on this journey with us. Thank you for your trust and carefully regulated (never overbearing!) support from afar. Now, as students share their stories, friendships, and emotions with you all in person, it’s officially time to pass on the transference journey to you. Appreciate this gift. We definitely appreciate you.

With love,

Colleen, Atieno, and Jesse