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Updates from your Southwest Squad

Hello from Colorado! Our group has been staying busy with our recent adventure rafting the San Juan river and now switching gears here near Durango, CO as we prepare to dive into our X-Phase.

The river trip on the San Juan was a fairly different experience in comparison to our experience on the Rio Grande early in the course, but still an amazing experience nonetheless. We experienced historic low water levels in both rivers, which became challenging at times to maneuver the boats between rocks and other obstacles in shallow water. Along the San Juan we were able to explore archeological sites dating back to the Ancestral Puebloan peoples. We saw expansive petroglyphs and multi-story dwellings that have sort of been preserved in the landscape over time. I’ve enjoyed learning more about the special places we have visited, the significance they hold, and how to respectfully appreciate them.

After the river trip, we’ve been spending time near Durango, CO recharging before we continue onward to Earth Mountain Education Farm. From now up until our reflection period at the very end of the course, we will be in X-Phase. This means that we, the students will be doing the majority of the planning and scheduling of activities and have more agency in decision making. Also, many of us were lucky to have the opportunity to get vaccinated against COVID here in Durango! I’m so thankful that there was an opening to schedule our first dose while were still on course. It felt like this was such an important step to help do our part especially since we have been traveling so much. Many thanks to Serena who worked non stop on the logistics, and to all the other participants who were on board and pushed hard for this to happen.

I can’t believe that our course is almost through! Our time together seems to be flying by. It’s been great to be able to learn and experience so much here in the Southwest. Enough reflection for now…thanks for reading!