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Hello Students and Families,

My name is Luis Alvarado and it’s my pleasure to introduce myself as one of your instructors for your upcoming program in Bolivia.

Although originally born and raised in the Texas and Missouri I have spent the last twenty years living mainly in Latin America. I spent many years in Guatemala where I found Dragons and for the past ten years I have lived and worked around the world as an instructor and administrator on our programing. Five years ago I moved to Bolivia to work with our programing here and since then this place has become my home. Bolivia has really felt like home since the birth of my daughter who you all will get to meet in Cochabamba.

I know that the last year has been a challenging time, particularly for young people who have been isolated from peers, activities and the world at large. I wanted to share with you all that I just returned to Bolivia after running a Dragons semester program along the Rio Grand River this past Spring and I learned a lot of lessons. The main thing I learned is that deep engagement with place and people is totally possible in these times and actually feels strikingly more precious and special than it did before. I have total confidence that our group will have a similar experience here in Bolivia and I’m very excited to be part of it.

I want to thank you all so much for taking part in this journey and please know that myself along with Alan and Ana are here to support you along every step of the path. Please follow the Yak board closely as we will be frequently posting updates and important information here. If you need to be in touch about anything at all don’t hesitate to write me directly at [email protected]

Again, I’m so excited for us all and I look forward to getting to know each of you soon.