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Welcome to my home!

Dear students!!
I am very excited to greet, and welcome you to this new adventure that we will dive into this summer.

I am Monica, and together with Teto and Jochen we will be guiding your summer course. We are already planning the itinerary, the activities, and many details.

Although we are in the middle challenging and uncertain times , we are stealthily preparing to take a new flight into the mountains of Guatemala, surrounded by rivers, caves, natural pools, cultural diversity, and much more.

For me, this program is full of courage: from each student, by making the decision to come, the parents by supporting them, the communities by receiving us, and Dragons as mentors and management to make this course an enriching and safe experience for everyone.

I will briefly tell you about myself:

I was born in Guatemala City 33 years ago. At the age of 23, and after finishing my graphic design and art studies at college, I started working as a freelancer while traveling through Guatemala. I filled my backpack with dreams, a computer, and a camera and I started to know my country. I had no idea what a turn it would be for me. It was the best decision. I went from living in a hectic and stressed city to connecting with indigenous communities with so much cultural richness, traditions and stories that I never imagined inside the dimensions of a classroom. I began to discover a new world, and to discover a new Monica.

Little by little I began to seek a healthier lifestyle, and that is how my interest in agriculture began. I went to visit seed houses, farmers’ associations, social projects that worked against malnutrition in Guatemala, and I began to apply graphic design to these projects. Sometime later I started giving arts workshops to children as part of these malnutrition projects focused on food sovereignty.

I currently live in the North of Guatemala, at a regenerative agricultural center that we will visit !!!! (and that make me happy).

Even though I am a Dragons instructor, and even though I know the places we will visit, in each course that I have led in Guatemala and Peru I learn every day and from each person.

Now I am ready to jump into the void and hold nothing. I invite you to jump with us. We will be here to support this collective  process of learning and growth through experience. Get excited and embrace your emotions!

Hasta Pronto!