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Photo by Celia Mitchell (2015/16 Semester Photo Contest Entry), Indonesia Semester.

Hey Family!

First night went well, we got in late last night but the stars made up for it. We are slowly getting used to the high altitude and dry weather. Despite the heat the sweat is nonexistent due to the evaporation.

We woke up super early this morning because the sun was so bright, at 5:30 the sun was already risen. Breakfast was good, yogurt and granola, and eggs. After breakfast we learned more about our leaders and the plans for the day. Yesterday we were put into 4 different groups that we rode with in the buses for 9+ hours and will spend the majority of our time with. We separated into those groups and went to different stations talking about camp etiquette. We took a break for lunch, pasta salad and cucumber salad.

After a few hours set aside for self care and relaxing, we went back to our groups to make our mission statements and talk about personal and group expectations, which we shared together asa whole group. One group even sang their mission statement! We enjoyed more free time, where some hiked up the mountain behind our camp, others read or sketched and water colored, or just hung out in Enos. Dinner was curry and rice (best meal so far). While cleaning dishes after dinner the sun was setting and there was a beautiful rainbow that appeared in the midst of the pink clouds (the highlight of our day). We attempted to play capture the flag but some people cheated and it ended soon.

We are all becoming closer and forming new relationships while stepping outside our comfort zone.


Laney Bertholf and Anna Harper

PS mom – Laney and Kate are starting to miss pineapple (the cat).