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Hi my name is Leila!

¡Hola a [email protected]! I can’t wait to travel with you all!!

Me llamo Leila, I am 16 and a rising senior in high school. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, Nueva York, and am definitely a city kid at heart, though I do love to explore and adventure (the New York City subway system is an adventure in its own right lol). I love to read, bake, listen to music, and watch movies with my cat, Guapo Thunder (pictured above :D). I also love language learning and have a deep interest in Spanish in particular. I am so lucky to be able to share such an important month-long moment with you all. The fact that in a couple of weeks I’ll be trekking and learning with kids like me is still a little surreal, especially since I’ve been so stagnant this year, but I am so happy I am able to!!

Safe travels everyone y nos vemos!

Con mucho cariño,