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Our Electronics Policy for the Summer

Hey everyone,

As you know by now, a Dragons experience comes with specific expectations on how we will be interacting with technology throughout your course. You may be quite excited for this break from technology! Or maybe you’re quite nervous. Either way, that’s okay–we are here to support you through it all!

Here, we hope to clarify our electronics expectations and paint a picture of what electronics use will look like on course this summer.


Many of you are preparing to experience a part of the country completely new to you while perhaps others are getting ready to explore a place already familiar to you. Regardless of where you’re coming from, we want to give you an opportunity to be fully committed to each moment on this course. Our modern portable electronics have many benefits but they also make it easy to distance ourselves from our immediate surroundings and things that might be unfamiliar. Pulling our attention away from being present and even halting dialogue.

Check your course preparation manual on pg. 12, for more on opening up to a new perspective on technology (or take a look here).


Posting on this Yak board will be the main way that the group communicates with family and friends over the course of the program. Your instructors will have cell phones and satellite devices so that they can reach out and be reached in the case of any emergency, and they will be in regular contact with Dragons’ main office. We will have a Chromebook or iPad that you will use for writing Yaks.

Cell Phones:  There will be one or two windows of time during the course when you will be given your phone, but this will be more for connecting with family on a phone call home or practical planning purposes, rather than how you might normally use your phone. If you bring your phone, instructors will hold onto/ store it for most of the course. In other words, a phone won’t be an option for cameras or music on the course.

Electronics not permitted: computers, iPads, iPod Touch, and other tablets (including e-readers that connect to the internet, e.g. Kindle Fire), or even smart watches that function like the previously mentioned items ( i.e. with downloads/phone/internet/wifi capabilities)

Permitted electronics: Cameras, e-readers (without wifi, downloads, or apps), and music players (none with phone/internet/wifi capabilities, and please understand that we may be asking you to take opportunities to unplug from music at times).

Q: What happens if I forget/ do bring the non-permitted electronics?

A: If you arrive with these, the instructors will hold on to them for the entire course (or you can ship them back home at your own cost). Dragons and your instructors are not responsible for items that are lost, stolen, or damaged, and you won’t be able to use those items at any point during the course.

Q: If I deactivate my phone/ Kindle Fire, can I still use it?

A: We acknowledge that these electronics have a range of great uses, but we’ve found that even a deactivated phone has incredible potential to alter your experience. So to be clear, these items in any form will be carried by instructors. The same goes for iPod Touches, which are basically the same as a deactivated phone.

Thank you for taking the plunge and trusting us on this!  If you have more questions beyond what’s covered here please don’t hesitate to post a quick Yak. Keep a look out over the coming days for pending Yaks, as well as to read intros from all the people who will be joining you on this experience (and don’t forget to post your own)!

We hope that you are starting to feel ready to prepare yourself for this new mode of adventure, and are also preparing your friends and family for your time on the course.

Unplug. Dive in. And get ready for an amazing adventure.