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Pre-course engagement: Colorado Basin – Joseph Carroll

Hello, My name is Joseph Carroll. I like to be called Joey. I am a boy. I have always lived in the upper west side of New York City. I live with my mother, father, brother, and dog, Bella. I like to play soccer, tennis, and ultimate but I am always happy to participate in any sport. I have played the violin since the age of 5. I like to draw as a hobby. I play video games. In terms of tv, I watch youtube and anime. I am most interested in medicine and sciences in school although most of my classes are also interesting. My family has gone on a few camping and far-reaching trips in the past.

I think Colorado will be a very beautiful area to visit and I look forward to captivating rock structures. I have gone on large trips before but going on one without my family may build independence in my own self. I hope to learn about some scientific or engineering ideas created to combat lesser water amounts. I also want to learn more about what makes the environments across America so different and difficult to live in. Finally, I think the social setting presented in this trip will be a nice experience.

My school has actually done quite a bit of teaching about New York water and this was not just when there was a water lead scare for schools. There is this saying that New York water is special because it helps pizza. Whether that is true or not I have forgotten, but what I remember is that a certain amount of water in New York City travels a long way from upstate New York almost around the Adirondacks. Some water comes from an area more south or west of that, like New Jersey. We do not get water from the Hudson river or any really local water because it is terrible. I actually work on a school project to promote the levels of oysters in New York Harbor because oysters are filter feeders, so they are a natural way to pick up all the algae and smaller dirt in the water.  Most NYC water originates in upstate New York, comes down the mountains from, I believe, melted ice around the Adirondacks, and collects in the large watershed. It is processed, meaning sanitized. Then I believe the water goes through long tunnels until it reaches New York City. I would venture to guess the water in New York is different from other waters because the water goes down different forms of rock and the rock gets imparted into the water and this leaves the water with less neutral water, but it tastes really good!.