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Pre-course engagement – introduce yourselves please!

Hi everyone,

Happy Solstice! I hope that you are all enjoying these early weeks of the summer.  Can you believe that we’ll all be meeting in Denver in just a couple weeks? As the start of our course draws near, we would love to start getting to know everyone and for you to start thinking about the course themes. In that light, we invite you to post here on the Yak board with the following:

  1. Please introduce yourself! Let us know your name, pronouns, where you call home, and any other little fun facts about that you’d like to share, such as activities/sports that you enjoy, subjects of interest, people/places/cultures that have a special meaning for you, etc. Please include a photo of yourself.
  2. Share with us why you decided to join us on this journey this summer. What draws you to the Colorado River Basin and the themes of the course?
  3. Please do a little research and find out where your home’s water comes from. You can chat with folks who know, look at your family’s water utility bill, and do some research online. Is your water coming from a local river, reservoir, well, or somewhere else? Please share with us where your water comes from.

To post a Yak, just go to this site, click on “Post a Yak”, and follow the directions from there. In addition to the above, please do use the Yak board to post any questions you have as you pack and prepare. We can’t wait to meet you!

In anticipation,

Atieno, Nate, & Christy (your instructor team)