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The Good Life: Pre-Course Assignment!

Hello all!!!

I hope this yak finds you beginning to enjoy your summer 🙂 our course is only a bit more than two weeks away…I can’t believe it! As we near the course, I invite you to participate in this little pre-course assignment to prepare you for the Good Life:

  1. Please post a yak here, introducing yourself! Let us know your name, pronouns, where you call home, and any other little fun facts about yourself that you’d like to share.
  2. Share with us why you decided to join the Good Life this summer. What draws you to Lake Superior?
  3. Listen to the May 2, 2019 episode of the “All My Relations” Podcast. The episode is titled: “Food Sovereignty: A Growing Movement.” Please share some thoughts/reflections you have from the podcast in your yak post, and also plan on discussing it during the first days of our course! Food Sovereignty is a big theme of this course, and it will do you well to start reflecting on the movement now 🙂

**The “All My Relations” podcast can be found on most podcast streaming services, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Play. Please message me on Whatsapp or imessage if you cannot seem to find it, and we will figure out a solution: 414-614-3179.

And lastly, please remember to use this yak board as a resource to post any questions you may have now, in the last few weeks before our course!

See you soon,

Xoxo jac

(Pictured: The shoreline of Lake Superior near Madeline Island).