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The Good Life Vision Statement!

Greetings from Liam, Jac, Sam, and Simon!

We are all here together at Potter’s Farm, a beautiful and peaceful spot where you all will also spend the beginning and end of your course! We came up here a week early to do the finishing touches on planning our course, and also to settle into this space. We have been reflecting as a team on what we see as the vision statement for Lake Superior: The Good Life and want to share this with all of you:

In Lake Superior: The Good Life we are all coming together for 25 days to reconnect with ourselves, each other, and the outdoors after 15+ months of isolation and difficulty. We see this as an opportunity to heal and also to look forward: what is the Good Life, and how can we foster it together? We will be learning from people of all walks of life out here on the Bayfield Peninsula as we strive to answer this question, including Ojibwe and Anishinaabe community, farmers and homesteaders, kayak guides and more. Throughout these encounters, we will see how the land is the basis for human livelihoods, and we will grow our own relationships with the land here. We, the instructor team, are excited to explore this question with all of you as we create our little community for the month, with the goal of returning to our home communities with fresh perspective and a passion to foster the Good Life wherever we find ourselves next.

Xoxo The Instructor Team

(pictured: photo of Potter’s Farm, taken by Jac on their phone)