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Photo by Celia Mitchell (2015/16 Semester Photo Contest Entry), Indonesia Semester.

The Mountains are Calling!


This is my first Dragons trip and first Global trip and I couldn’t be more excited!  As a college counselor, I’m used to interacting with students in a mostly formal, goal setting type of environment; this experience will provide an avenue for me to interact with students in a different element, where we can learn from one another in a more organic and less prescribed atmosphere.

While I’ve been lucky enough to travel to California a fair amount, I’ve never been to the Sierras.  Hiking is by far my main extra curricular activity and I look forward to getting to do a bit of it with many of you.  But I’m honestly most excited for the discovery and learning that lies ahead: for the ways in which ways I’ll be challenged to think differently and for the new connections forged with others.  I look forward to getting to spend some quality time learning about Payahuunadü and all that the Bishop Piute have to share us about this land, this place and this space- about how we can better care for it and one another.

One of my former students learned from her prior Global adventures to “be where your feet are”.  It sounds simple, but it’s often hard to do- at least mentally, emotionally and psychologically.  As we all spend two weeks “unplugging” from our electronic devices and the world of social media, I hope to truly be where my feet are- to commune with you all, marvel at the beauty and wonder around us, and to relish the present moment in new and profound ways.

See you all very soon!

Happy trails,

Laura/ Ms. Sensenig