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Welcome from Nate!

Hello, Colorado River Basin students and all of your supporters and loved ones who will be following your progress across the Colorado landscape on the Yak Board!

I am thrilled to be joining you in this journey as the newest member of the instructor team. I look forward to meeting all of you in less than a month when we come together in Denver. This will be my first course as a Dragons instructor but certainly not my first rodeo as an experiential educator. I have a lifetime of experience leading students in the wild places of Colorado and Utah. Last week, I finished my 6th year as the art teacher at Southwest Open School in Cortez Colorado. Before I taught in the classroom, I was a wilderness therapy guide for eight years in Colorado, Utah, and Hawaii. I have guided courses on the San Juan River in Utah and in Hopi and Navajo communities across the southwest. In addition to domestic guiding, I led a gap semester in Nepal, India, and Thailand. One of my most memorable guiding experiences was walking across Spain on the Camino de Santiago with one student. Imagine two people singing “Eye of the Tiger” for the 20th time with a medieval castle in the background.

For the last several years, during my summer vacations, all I have wanted to do is thru-hike! On the Arizona, Continental Divide, and Pacific Crest Trails, I have been delighted to make friends from around the world who have a common passion for experiencing life on foot. When I am not out on the trail, I do my very best to remain in the present movement by practicing yoga, dancing, singing, and cooking with friends. I make a mean coconut curry!

This past year has been challenging for everyone in different ways. One of the things that I have missed the most is spending time with people outside, laughing, and sharing stories. I am excited to begin our time together exploring the people, cultures, and places of the west.

The Yak Board is the place for all things Colorado River Basin Summer 2021! We will begin building our community here before we meet in person and expect to see important updates about how to best prepare for this course. We are here to answer your questions.

Take good care, and see you soon!