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A Great First Day of Trekking

Dear Friends and Family of the Senegal Summer Students,

The instructors called the Dragons office from their mountain trek to report that the student group had a fantastic first day of trekking in the lush green southern hills of Senegal.

The group enjoyed a beautiful hike up to the mountain village of Iwol, where they visited the Bedik people, a small ethnic minority in southern Senegal who practice a mixture of animism and Christianity. The students trekked down from the mountain to the flatland village of Ibel and onward to the picturesque village of Bandafassi, where they will spend the night tonight in simple accommodations at a local campement. The student group is pictured here with the Bedik village of Iwol with the village chief, who gave a presentation on Bedik culture and traditions.

Tomorrow the group will trek to Dindefelo village, the hometown of our trekking guide Saliou. Dindefelo is known for its beautiful waterfall and for its location amidst some of the only remaining chimpanzee habitat in West Africa. Keep your eyes on this Yak Board for more group updates from the trek!