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Day in Nuevo Horizonte

Hello all!

We are currently in our 2nd location of the trip- a small town called Nuevo Horizonte. Each day we have been doing 4 hours of Spanish class and then an activity. This morning we did a 2-hour hike through the forest to a lagoon. Accompanying us were three women who live in the town who are ex-guerrilla members. The town is full of people like them, people who took part in the conflicto armado that occurred in Guatemala from 1960-1996. The three women shared stories with us about the hardships they faced during their 20 years of constantly being on the run. Our 2-hour walk, on mostly cleared paths, quickly felt like nothing after hearing that they repeatedly walked from 6 am to 12 pm and then from 2 pm to 6 pm for the many years they were in the forest. The woods were uncleared because they couldn’t leave any trace, parents had to leave their children, and one of the women, Doña Petrona, even got lost and walked through the forest alone for 25 days. Hearing these stories was heartbreaking yet also fascinating because this town is such a tight-knit community since everyone knows what the other has been through.  We have three more days here, and then we will embark on a 3-day trek!