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Farming in Paonia

July 20th 2021
We have just left a farm in Paonia. We have been learning about sustainable farming, global warming, housing, and seeds. We met a man named Jeff who had us work on projects on the farm like composting, harvesting, irrigating and weeding. As we farmed Jeff taught us about biodiversity and how 95% of plant variations have gone extinct. Altogether we had a great time farming. My favorite part was stirring the compost. The compost was mainly cow manure and we spread it on the squash plants and melons. When we went to bed, there were stars to gaze at. On our last night, we had a potluck with food locally grown in the valley. The chicken and homemade tortillas were amazing. I really enjoyed talks about the history of seeds. I found it really interesting that seeds have such a complex history. Seeds tell stories about how they have been impacted by humans. After spending time on the farm, I hope that people can learn to grow foods more sustainably.