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Finding the highlights

So far our group has been through so much, with multiple people leaving the trip early and the feelings and emotions that come with that. Although it was definitely a bummer to have so many people leave the group so soon, I feel that ultimately everyone made the right decision for themselves, which will also be the right thing for the group.

Yesterday we hiked up to a Bedik village called Iwol. The hike was very difficult, and at times I felt like giving up, but I pushed through and getting to the top was one of the most rewarding feelings. There seemed to be over a hundred huts, which I was surprised about because of how far away we were from a road and how difficult it was to get there. It was clearly a very populated area considering the location. The view was incredible because of how high up we were. In the village there was a gigantic baobab tree that had begun growing five years after the Bedik’s had buried someone long ago. Being in the presence of the tree was a totally magical moment.

The leader of the village told us a lot about animism and their culture which was super interesting. Most of the people were out working in the fields so it was quiet and calm.

The visit to Iwol was definitely a highlight of the trip so far, and I feel so grateful to be here. Having this smaller group also allows us to grow closer to one another, so maybe everything that has happened to our group so far has been a blessing in disguise.

Also another highlight has been seeing goats on top of huge termite mounds.

PS. I love you so much, mom!! I hope you are doing really well. I miss you!