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Peru 4B group, summer 2019

First attempt to approach the local culture

Hello friends and family!

During the orientation we learned from Pao about Andean cosmovision, today we took up that learning from an old friend of dragons, Taita (grandfather) Siwar.

He and his family shared with the group about their culture, through the practice of oral expression they taught about some of their spiritual beliefs and performed a ceremony of gratitude and permission to the PachaMama, mother earth, permission to walk through these lands and visit all the places we will pass through. It was an afternoon of humility and sensitivity, in which we opened ourselves to new ways of conceiving and talking with the world.

Later in the afternoon, Pacha and Siwar’s family shared with the group the art of Andean textiles. This is a means of expression of past and present Andean societies dating back to pre-Hispanic civilizations. It is amazing how today, natural dyeing and weaving techniques are still preserved.

And if that wasn’t enough, the group still had enough energy to watch the Peru vs Brazil soccer match of the America’s Cup just before dinner.

You can already feel the energy of the program and the journey they are starting!

Look forward to the next Yaks from our student leaders of the day!

(here are some more pictures from today)