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Peru 4B group, summer 2019

Group Split: Machu Picchu and Moray/Pisac/Paru Paru

After the Lares Trek the group was feeling tired and not super excited to embark on the intense journey to Machu Picchu. When presented with the option to push on to Machu Picchu the next day or cancel it for a trip to Cusco instead the group decided on Cusco.

A few days into our Cusco time, we checked back in with the group about their decision to cancel the Machu Picchu visit and to give them another chance to go after a few days of reflection. The group was divided so we decided to do a group split so that each student could choose. Paola and Zack took Harper, Hayden, Logan, Mei, Dalhia, Cash Money Meg, Owen and Stella to Machu Picchu while Itzá and our program director, Luis, took Nick, Mason and Nora to the Moray ruins, Pisac, and then up to Paru Paru.

The Machu Picchu crew will make the long hike and drive to Paru Paru tomorrow morning to join the rest of the group. We’ll stay in Paru Paru until the 19th before dropping down into the Amazon basin. We’ll have limited cell service in Paru Paru, but will be in regular communication with the office via our satellite device.

Here are some photos from one of the wonders of the world!