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Hi All!

Hey everyone!

My name is Julian, I use he/him pronouns, and I live in Brooklyn, New York. Some interesting things about me are that I am really interested in music theory and love applying the things I learn in my guitar playing. I enjoy meditating in the mornings, and, more recently, running to get some fresh air and clear my head during lockdown. I’m a center back on my school’s soccer team and a cutter on the ultimate frisbee team. I love skiing in the winter, and surfing in the summer. I love to travel, especially when it’s to see my family in New Zealand and Bulgaria (though that unfortunately hasn’t happened in a while). I’m a bit of a nerd as well, and love geeking out on physics and philosophy. I am specifically interested in studying quantum mechanics and its relation to philosophy in college.

As a rising senior, I am really excited to come to Lake Superior to get away from the stress of college applications. But my real interest in the program is to reconnect with nature. While COVID had a big part in fueling this urge, I think it was really the tipping point. I had always loved being in nature but found that with the chaos of NYC life I have constantly been pulled away from it. I wasn’t really able to find the time with the demands of school, despite going to the man-made parks that provided much of the connection to nature I experienced in the concrete city. Yet they too were but a fleeting oasis from the city’s agitating environment. I am really looking forward to the escape and learning more about myself and all of you in the true oasis of Lake Superior.

There were a couple of points from the “Food Sovereignty: A Growing Movement” Podcast that really struck me. First, I really liked this idea of feeding your soul, or that your soul is hungry.  I found myself curious when she described the elder’s words, saying that she needed to come back to have the food of her people to rejuvenate her. However, my interest peaked, when she said that it was not just the food that would feed her but also the sounds of the water under her paddles. I found it fascinating that the idea of food or hunger stemmed beyond the mere act of consumption but rather that it was a full-body experience. Every part of you is consuming and connecting with nature, and this is all part of the rejuvenating experience. I was also really intrigued by the idea of selfless future action. The story of the boy who planted the crab apple tree highlighted the consumer mentality that we live in today. We hardly ever focus on others let alone how our actions can benefit someone long after we’re gone. It was something that I found really profound as it causes us to question what it means to be part of a community, or more broadly our world.

I’ll leave it there for now: sorry it got a little lengthy towards the end. I’m really looking forward to meeting you all, and can’t wait to talk, learn, laugh, and grow together.

** Image taken by a friend over the Hudson river