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Peru 4B group, summer 2019

International Return Flight Information

Dear Families & Friends,

It is hard to believe that almost four weeks have passed since your student embarked on this incredible adventure! It won’t be long until students will be boarding their planes back home. We are sure you are anxiously awaiting their arrival!

Below is a reminder of the group flight information for returning participants (all times are in local time zones). Please note: These arrival and departure times are subject to small changes, especially on the day of travel. We encourage families to keep an eye on your student’s flight details the day of travel by monitoring the flight online, especially for those families meeting their student at the airport. Any major changes to the flight details will be communicated to families directly by our staff, but smaller changes (deviations of an hour or less) will not.


Wednesday, July 27, 2021
LATAM (#2062)
Depart: Cuzco (CUZ) 2:59 pm
Arrives: Lima (LIM) at 4:30 pm

Wednesday, July 28, 2021
LATAM (#2380)
Depart: Lima (LIM) 12:30 am
Arrives: New York (JFK) at 9:20 am

We will have a Dragons Administrator on call for the duration of the travel day(s). Should you need any assistance after regular office hours, please call our regular office number 303-413-0822 and follow the prompts to reach our on call administrator.

We wish all students a great trip home!

The Dragons Admin Team