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My name is Spencer Kolker, I go by he/him and I live on the Upper East Side in Manhattan with my parents and my dog Ridley. I am 15, a rising sophomore, and attend Horace Mann School in the Bronx. My favorite subject in school is history and I enjoy being on the debate team. I love playing and watching all sports, in particular soccer and basketball. I am a huge Manchester United fan. I decided to go on this trip because I love the outdoors and am excited about the various activities offered. I also am very interested in the environment and appreciate the large focus on sustainability and service-learning that we will be doing.

New York water comes from reservoirs in the Catskill mountains. The water passes through several facilities that take out as well as put in chemicals to create New York’s well-known tap water. Fun fact, New York water is actually not vegan due to the many crustaceans, specifically copepods, that are put in the water to kill any living larva.

Looking forward to meeting everyone tomorrow.